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Frequently Asked Questions By Employers, Licensing Agencies, Volunteer Organizations & Referring Agencies

1.  How soon can we expect to receive a response for the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI from Live Scan transmitted prints?

The turnaround time for a DOJ response to the transmitted fingerprints can range anywhere from a few hours up to 72 hours.

2.  What is a BCII 8016?

The BCII 8016 is the standard "Request For Live Scan Service" form used by the Department of Justice.  It is a three-part form.  The Live Scan service provider retains the original, the applicant keeps a copy for their files and,  the third copy is to be returned to the referring agency.

3.  What form of ID do we tell our applicants to bring with them?

Your applicants must bring a valid photo ID with them.  This includes:

California Drivers License
California DMV Identification Card
Out of State Drivers License

Call us for additional ID requirements

Note: Their ID MUST BE VALID.  A valid ID is currently active and has not expired.

4.  Do Applicants need to be reprinted if they are changing jobs?

Yes.  By law, and in accordance with right to privacy regulations, organizations and / or companies may not share applicant background information.

The one exception to this rule however are school districts.  Many teachers have the occasion to work for several school districts simultaneously.  Teachers should check with their school district office prior to their Live Scan appointment to determine if they need to resubmit fingerprints.

5.  What is a CORI Recipient?

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) shall be accessible only to the records custodian (Recipient) and/or hiring authority charged with determining the suitability for employment or licensing of an applicant. The information received shall be used by the requesting agency solely for the purpose for which it was requested and shall not be reproduced for secondary dissemination to any other employing or licensing agency.

6.  What is the ORI number?

ORI stands for Originating Response Indicator.  It is a alpha-numeric code assigned to an authorized applicant agency that, once inputted into the fingerprint record, determines the level of service required for the applicant's background check.

7.  What is the Mail Code?

The Mail Code is a 5-digit number assigned to the authorized applicant agency for the purpose of receiving responses from the Department of Justice on fingerprint-based background checks.

8.  What is the Oceanside Live Scan "rolling fee"?

The rolling fee is the amount charged by Oceanside Live Scan to digitally capture fingerprints and transmit them to the Department of Justice.  The rolling fee at our Oceanside Center is $20 per applicant.  In the state of California, Live Scan technicians MUST be certified by the Department of Justice in order to provide service.  At Oceanside Live Scan, we require that all of our Live Scan technicians take advanced training not only in Live Scan, but in state laws and regulations that govern the process.

9.  What is the cost of a Department of Justice (DOJ) background check?

Typically the charge is $32.  There are fee adjustments based on non-profit status and other considerations. You should contact the Department of Justice to advise you as to what fee to expect.

10.  What is the cost of an FBI background check?

Typically the charge is $17.00.  There are fee adjustments based on non-profit status and other considerations.  You should contact the Department of Justice to advise you as to what fee to expect.

11.  Do Non-Profit organizations receive a reduced DOJ and FBI processing fee?

Organizations must meet specific criteria to receive reduced DOJ and FBI processing fees.  You should contact the Department of Justice to determine if your organization falls within these guidelines.

12.  What are “Subsequent Arrest” records?

When applying to the Department of Justice to be designated as an authorized applicant agency, you may request to receive applicant "Subsequent Arrest Records".  Should an applicant be arrested at any time after their initial hire, the authorized applicant agency will be notified.

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