Oceanside Live Scan
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Sample Live Scan Form
BCII 8016 "Request for Live Scan" Service Form

The illustration above is a sample of a BCII 8016 "Request for Live Scan" service form.

The following are important fields that are to be completed:

1. ORI Code - The Agency's "Applicant Record Identifier" assigned by the Department of Justice.

2. Type of Application & job title.

3. Agency Address Set - that will receive Applicant background information.

4. Mail Code - Agency's 5-digit, DOJ assigned code.

5. Contact - Name of the Agency contact person.

6. Telephone - Agency contact person telephone number.

7. Your Information - Name and description.

8. Your Social Security Number.

9. Your Driver's License number.

10. Referring organization's Billing Number (if they are paying for your background check).

11. Your phone number.

12. DOJ and/or FBI level of service selection.

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